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Introducing Bleu Caviar, the ultimate lifestyle brand that fuses luxury travel with the serenity of the sea. From chic travel accessories to elegant ocean-inspired fashion, we curate exquisite products that embody this harmonious blend of opulence and nature. Embrace a life where every moment is a celebration of luxury, adventure, and the boundless beauty of the deep blue. Bleu Caviar – where sea meets luxury travel.

about the brand

Meet the visionary founder of Bleu Caviar, the dynamic and innovative Isla Del Mar.

Hailing from the sun-soaked shores of Los Angeles, Isla's passion for luxury travel and her deep connection to the sea inspired the creation of this unique lifestyle brand. With her boundless creativity and an unwavering commitment to quality, Isla has set out to redefine the way we experience both luxury and nature. Her adventurous spirit and love for the ocean are the driving forces behind Bleu Caviar's exquisite offerings, making her a true embodiment of the brand's ethos. Join Isla Del Mar on a journey where her Californian roots meet the elegance of high-end travel and the beauty of the sea, all through Bleu Caviar's exceptional creations.

meet our founder

"I've found my perfect match. Their articles exude luxury and sophistication, and the attention to detail in every product is remarkable. Bleu Caviar is more than a brand; it's an experience I'm thrilled to be a part of!"